NRC Technologies
Sustainable Energy and Environment at Our Core
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NRC focuses on developing products and technology solutions in the areas of renewable energy and environment.  The NRC team also offers customized prototype design and testing, pilot-scale technology development, and innovative solutions to the client's specific technological challenges and needs.  The NRC team also provides consulting services in the following areas:
1) Microalgal mass production and contaminant control (PhD dissertation of a NRC team member)
2) Innovative and cost-effective cell harvesting
3) Solar drying and solar desalination (MS thesis of a NRC Team Member)
4) Pathogen-free fertilizer pellets from dairy manure and poultry litter
5) Dairy manure and sand separation
6) Biomass gasification to produce quality syngas from wood products and burnable wastes
7) Production of oils from organic material (biomass and wastes) using both pyrolyis and hydrothermal liquefaction
8) Energy conservation in buildings and greenhouses
9) Geothermal heat pumps  
10) Innovative technology/product development